Yscloskey Eco-Hut Prototype

Louisiana's Wetlands


Representing 40% of America's wetlands, Louisiana's gulf coast contains a rare and irreplacable environmental resource.  Long exploited for its resources, the coastal wetlands now represent a mere ghost of their previous vitality threatening an ecosystem which provides flood control, water purification, hurricane buffer, wildlife habitat, nursery grounds for aquatic life, and recreation areas.


This project serves to act as a destination for eco-tourists as well as the tangible infrastructure for a new mindset focused on preservation and restoration of this critical resource.  The Yscloskey Eco-Village along with the 3 remote Eco-Huts provides a headquarters for wetland research and restoration efforts while inviting the public to engage the wetlands via recreation and restoration.  The Yscloskey Eco-Challenge invites teams of adventurers to navigate the swamps to visit each Eco-Hut while helping to rebuild the delicate wetlands.

The Huts

(In addition to the GrassMarsh Hut pictured at top of page)

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